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NearFMFrank had the great pleasure of being interviewed by Michael Sharp on NEAR FM’s “Cover-to-Cover” book programme on the evening of March 4 2010. The interview focus was the upcoming Dublin Book Festival and the centerpiece of the programme was an interview with Alan Hayes, Artistic Director of the Dublin Book Fair. Frank and Alan had met at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October 2009 and it was then that Alan asked Frank if he would contribute to a workshop on Redundancy at the Dublin Book Fair. Frank’s comments during the interview highlighted the need for those made redundant to ensure that they took full account of their need to use their support network to get over the initial shock and to analyse their position well before “moving on”. Michael Sharp was particularly interested in pursuing how individuals in redundancy situations could be helped to review their future job opportunities and Frank clarified that one of the central themes in the book tries to get individuals to focus first on their skill sets just in case they may wish to shift career. Frank went on to show how one could focus on one’s Roles and Achievements in an effort to broaden out the skills that one wishes to emphasise in any search for a new career and/or job. The interview concluded with some helpful tips on the interview process, more of which can be found in the book “Redundancy - A Development Opportunity for You!”