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Our extreme busyness oftentimes gets in the way of good thinking and optimum decision-making; this half-day Conference provides help in these areas for individuals and organisations.

This half-day Conference aims to help organisations put in place the Wellbeing Techniques that will enhance the individual and improve productivity through better quality thinking and focus. 

Conference Goals

• Focus on improving resilience and productivity within busy organisational lives

• Help businesses put in place wellbeing techniques that will enhance the individual through better quality thinking and focus

• Empower the individual to take control and not let a sense of overpowering busyness take over

Conference Outcomes

• Attendees will have a greater understanding of and specific skills in the techniques of Relaxation, Mindfulness and Inner Spirit

• Gain valuable insights into putting together a WellbeingStrategy for your organisation


The Speakers

Frank Scott-Lennon - HR Consultant. Frank has conducted many Wellbeing Workshops within organisations. Frank will develop participant’s skills in a tried and trusted Relaxation Process, based on the work of Dr.Herbert Benson; this as a bedrock from which to develop other techniques. He will also add further coping dimensions through focusing on one’s Inner Spirit. Finally, Frank at the back of the afternoon will also focus on developing a Wellbeing Strategy for your organisation.

Andrew McLaughlin - Organisation Consultant. Andrew has regularly worked in areas of Leadership and Mindfulness. Andrew will assist atendess in an initial journey into Mindfulness and in experiencing how helpful it can be in coping with the stresses of organisational life and in improving productivity.

Simon Hand - Vodafone Wellbeing Ambassador. Simon will describe Wellbeing initiatives at Vodafone, a comercially focused organisation, as well as the benefits to be derived from these initiiatives.

Stuart McGoldrick - Spectrum Health. Stuart will outline the variety of ways in which organisations can approach Wellbeing and Wellness and talk of the varied approaches in use today within Irish business


The conference takes place on April 29th at The Clyde Hotel (formerly Berkley Court), Lansdowne Road. Dublin 4. It runs from 12.45 to 5.15. For tickets and more information, please go to