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Slot Machines, Lucky Number 7Crazy as it may seem, website content is often not given the attention that it deserves when a website is being launched.  There can be so much thought that goes into the design, the layouts and the functionality that the text is thrown together at the last minute.  Often the first or second draft of the text is what ends up on the site.

In order to have high quality text content on your site, it needs particular focus and it needs multiple iterations to get it right.  Here are 7 Tips that might help you if you are planning a new website or if you are reviewing your existing website:

  • Prioritise quality over quantity. Your content should be readable, relevant and reviewed regularly. Don’t spend time writing content that no one will ever end up reading.
  • Plan the layout of the content.  The more content you have on your website, the more important it is to plan the layout.
  • The hierarchy needs to be intuitive to a visitor and content needs to be easy to find. If they need to spend time figuring out your site, this will mean they will either leave or at best will spend less time reading what you want them to read.
  • Stay focused on your online goals.  Write content that supports these goals.
  • Do not use the full width of the screen.  Wider screen sizes are now being used in more browsers.
  • Don’t be tempted to use the space for text.  It is just too wide for the human eye to comfortably cope with, so visitors will not read the full text.
  • Avoid using excessive links.  Particularly, in the body text. They can distract from the flow of your text.

Keep an eye on keywords. Our advice is not to write text specifically aimed at search terms.  It will appear unnatural.  It’s better to write good quality content and then review it to see if some words can be added or changed to improve the optimisation for search engines.