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Performance Management

Developing People and Performance

This book provides managers within organisations with all they need to know in respect of the key elements of Performance Management and its successful operation within organisations. The book is built around a simple model – D E F T – D = Dialogue, E = Expectations, F = Feedback and T = Timely Approach. The model shows how through successful dialogue about expectations a Team Leader can focus and motivate individuals and teams.

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Table of Contents



Frank Scott-Lennon

Frank Scott-Lennon is the creator and publisher of the books within the Management Briefs...

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Fergus Barry

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Book Reviews

Scott-Lennon and Barry have written a handy little book on how to improve your organisation’s performance.  In a few pages they have captured the essence of the key concepts in performance management and have stated them in a clear concise manner.  It is readily readable and memorable in its presentation.  This is a book that should be initially found in every executive’s brief case to be read in planes, trains and hotels.  Thereafter, it should be found in their book cases where it can be accessed as a ready reference of this important aspect of every manager’s responsibility.

Reviewed by Wayne Brockbank, Professor of Business, Director of the Centre for Strategic HR Leadership, University of Michigan

Frank Scott-Lennon and Fergus Barry have done us the great service of inventing a practical performance management system that will carry business leaders from the slower strategic world of today to the much more opportunistic, fast-changing world of tomorrow.  The Dialogue-Expectation Setting-Feedback-Timeliness (DEFT) paradigm for performance management is ready to use and intuitively simple.  The how-to chapter, "Linking Performance to Reward", is superb and will help companies sensibly increase performance-based compensation.

Reviewed by Charles Spinoza, Group Director of Marketing Practices, Vision Consulting

There is a well known adage about performance management – there is nothing better than a well designed system but definitely nothing worse than a poorly designed one. This book, with its explanation of the DEFT model, helps organisations concentrate on the best elements of a system. The four elements of the model pick out essential elements of practice, each based on sound principles of HRM and psychology.  A series of illustrations help make the model easily workable and capable of being applied to a wide range of organisations.

Reviewed by Paul Sparrow, Director, Centre for Performance–Led HR, Professor of International HRM, Lancaster University School of Management

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