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Marketing Skills

Marketing Skills

A Practical Guide

Practical and relevant, this book is a guide that will appeal to General Managers who want to develop their marketing knowledge and also to Business Owners who are looking to maximise the effectiveness of their investment in marketing. The book highlights practical ways of identifying and homing in on your particular market whilst also providing excellent treatment of digital marketing.

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Garry Hynes

Garry Hynes was a Marketing Specialist at the IMI and, subsequently, General Manager Marketing...

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Ronan Morris

Ronan Morris has over 17 years experience mostly working in account management and marketing...

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Book Reviews

This easy to read and well explained book is a great place to start for people who need to get a practical introduction to Marketing concepts and Marketing in practice. It sets out the different ways to market your business from traditional advertising and promotion to online marketing and provides useful guidelines for choosing what’s appropriate.

Reviewed by Billy Glennon, Chief Executive, Vision

After over 20 years in growing and developing brands I enjoyed the read very much.  The practical guide is just that, a well written, well structured and very practical guide to the key steps in the fundamentals of marketing.  I would advise both new businesses and long time marketing professionals to read the book.  Whether just starting out or refreshing yourself you will take away hints and tips that will help you to grow your business.

Reviewed by Conor Kilduff, Managing Director & Vice President, Unilever Ireland

This is a really useful guide to the fundamentals of marketing. It outlines clearly what the key steps are, how to engage with stakeholders along the way and how to measure success. I would encourage any new business to read this book when starting to think about developing appropriate strategies to increase their turnover and profile.

Reviewed by David Sneddon, Managing Director, Mindshare Ireland

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