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Discipline and Dismissal

Discipline and Dismissal

A Helpful Guide for Managers

Written by Dr Mary Redmond and Frank Scott-Lennon

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Frank Scott-Lennon

Frank Scott-Lennon is the creator and publisher of the books within the Management Briefs...

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Mary Redmond, PhD

Mary Redmond is a CEDR qualified mediator and Consultant Solicitor at Arhur Cox where she...

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Book Reviews

Managing complex employment situation is extremely challenging and time consuming for both HR professionals and line management and having a guide book of this quality makes those challenges easier. I found this book extremely well laid out and very comprehensive in providing support for managing the difficult employment situations that have been faced on a regular basis.

Reviewed by Colm Gorman, Head of People and Operations, KPMG

Managing people is any organisation provides many challenges and the area of Dicipline and Dismissal is possibly one of the most daunting. Redmon and Scott-Lennon have captures the key stages to ensure that managers are procedurally correct in the management of their people. This step-by-step guide is informative, practical, easy to follow and contains all the sample documents that are needed to carry out diciplinary or dismissal procedures.

A must read for people managers, this guide is a great addition to the Management Briefs series.

Reviewed by Anne Heraty, Chief Executive, Cpl Resources plc on Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

In this age of digitisation, globalisation and the always connected world, never before has the importance of the human capital been so central to the ability of an organisation realise its potential. Zig Ziglar probably put it best when he said “You don’t build a buusiness, you build people and then people build the business’”

In Dicipline and Dismissal - a Helpful Guide for Managers, Frank and Mary have struct the right balance between law and the leadership responsibilities of managing people and its an excellent guide to help organisations develop their human capital. After all, a great team with a good plan will always achieve far more than a good team with a great plan.

Reviewed by Pat Burke, Partner, Grant Thorton on Wednesday, 22nd January 2014

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