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Bullying & Harassment

Bullying & Harassment

Values and Best Practice Responses

This book helps the reader through the minefield of Bullying and Harassment and emphasises the need to strive for informal resolution of such difficulties as that is where best progress can be made. Those caught up in B&H situations will find within this book a clear guide to Best Practice behaviour. The Mediation and Investigation processes are also treated in a clear practical mode.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents



Frank Scott-Lennon

Frank Scott-Lennon is the creator and publisher of the books within the Management Briefs...

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Margaret Considine

Margaret is MD of Equita Consulting and Considine Consulting. Margaret specialises in Negotiations,...

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Book Reviews

An essential Management Brief in relation to an ever increasing problem, full of practical steps and insights. Every experienced practitioner would endorse the book’s approach that either local resolution or mediation of Bullying and Harassment claims is preferable to formal investigation.

Reviewed by Dr Mary Redmond, Employment Lawyer, Arthur Cox & Company Director

A very timely intervention for the workplace. From long experience I know that there are never any winners from a long drawn out protracted investigation process. This book by Frank and Margaret, two excellent practitioners themselves, is full of good sound practical advice on how to deal in a mature adult way with fearful and conflictual situations. Recommended for Managers at all levels and to individuals as a valuable self-help kit.

Reviewed by Frank Kelly, Head of Human Resources, Dublin City Council

An outstanding and most competent capture of all of the relevant issues around Bullying and Harassment in the workplace. This informative and easy-to-read guide is an absolute must for managers confronting this undesired phenomenon.

Reviewed by Professor Andrew Kakabadse, Professor International Management Development, Cranfield School of Management

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