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Be Interview-Wise

Be Interview-Wise

How to Prepare for and Manage Your Interviews

If you are preparing for a job or promotion interview, you will find this book very helpful. It looks at the interview from the interviewee’s point of view. Common questions which are often asked are dealt with and how to answer them. A workbook helps you put what you have learnt into practice and reinforces the knowledge in each chapter. In the current economic climate with jobs fewer and harder to get, this book will improve your chances of success.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Sample Chapter

Sample Chapter



Brian McIvor

Brian McIvor has been involved in training and development since 1978 when the joined the...

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Book Reviews

This is excellent information! It’s easy-to-read and easy-to-use. You will get terrific insights that make your interviews not only easier, but successful!

Reviewed by David Swanson, Writer and Consultant. Author of "The Resume Solution"

In these times of increasing complexity and competition, Brian McIvor leads you to a deeper understanding of the dynamics of the interview within the organisational context. Refreshing in its simplicity this is an excellent resource for all involved in the interview process.

Reviewed by Patricia Brand, Associate Fellow, The King's Fund, London

This book is a must-read for those of us who dread facing the job interview. How many of us have really spent considerable time preparing for a job interview. Yet ‘Interview-Wise’ argues cogently that this is just a starter if this is a critical job opportunity for us. As we read on we more fully understand the total and two-sided dynamic of the interview.

Reviewed by John Higgins, Chief Executive, Retirement Planning Council of Ireland.

I really enjoyed reading this. Practical, inspiring and engaging. A new perspective on the tactics and skills needed to master the interview. It is almost like a hand coming across the table to help you do a better interview and to engage in a positive conversation with the interviewer. If you read this book and act on its suggestions I believe you will increase your chances of success three-fold - if not more. A must-read, practical and pithy guide.

Reviewed by Dr. Peter Hawkins, founder of the Windmills Career Project, Liverpool University

A clear, practical and enjoyable guide – not just for manager but for anybody who need to perform well at interviews.

Reviewed by Mary-Rose Greville, Professor, School of Business, Trinity College, Dublin

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