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About Us

Management Briefs publishes easy-to-read books for busy managers. Titles available cover a wide range of management knowledge and skill that is essential for managers. The books are all focused on practical content that can be used by managers in their day-to-day work. The books will shortly be available across the world initially within the United Kingdom.

Management Briefs commenced trading in December 2008 and has now built up a strong network of Distributors and Sales Agents across the world. This extensive network will ensure that the books will shortly be available in traditional bookstores within the United Kingdom, Mainland Europe, the United States, South Africa, the Middle East and many other countries. Worldwide Distributors and Agents

Our books are also available through a strong international range of traditional bookstores such as Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Easons, Dubray Books, Chapters. Our Worldwide Retail Outlets

Management Briefs books will also be available within the next month in all major web-based bookstores across the world, including Amazon, Books Depository, Barnes & Noble, Books-on-Line and Dea Books.

You can also purchase electronic versions of our books at epubManagementBriefs.com 

Future strategy and direction for the company is aided by the existence of a strong Board of Directors.

On the editorial side, Management Briefs is greatly aided by a developing internationally based Editorial Board, the members of which play a very active part in ensuring that the right books get to market and that they are written in a style that is wholly consistent with the brand.

Management Briefs is always open to hearing from new potential Authors who will be able to write in our genre and who fully appreciate the task of successfully transferring in practical ways the learning from their written work into the daily lives of their readers. Potential Authors.